Setup Automata for iMessage

Download and install app

Download the latest version of Automata by logging in to the Automata Dashboard and then clicking on Downloads in the navigation bar.

Download Automata Desktop from the web interface

Download and install the desktop app.


If you can't run the app, try this solution.

Grant access to messages

Open Automata and login. Once you have been logged in, you will be taken to a page to configure your messaging apps

If you are not automatically redirected, click on the menu icon on the top left and click on Configure Messengers

Configure messengers

Click on iMessage. Click on Send iMessage then click on Grant Permissions.

Grant access to Messages

If it's your first time using Automata, you will be asked to grant Automata permission to send iMessages for you.

Grant access to Messages

Click "ok" to grant permission. You should now receive a prompt in Messages with the message Automata permission test successful!

Permission granted prompt

If you do not receive the prompt, please try the following remedy.

[Optional] Grant full disk access

Automata requires full disk access for the following features:

  1. Export your historical iMessages/SMS
  2. Log responses to your automated messages (e.g. detect when a user says STOP or OPT OUT)

To grant full disk access, open "System Preferences" and click on "Security & Privacy"

Open Security & Privacy

In the "Privacy" tab, locate "Full Disk Access". Click on the lock to make changes. Then click on the "+" icon.

Open Full Disk Access tab

Select Automata from your Applications folder and click "Open".

Select Automata from Applications list

On the iMessage configuration page, click on the Export Messages tab and click on Check Full Disk Access

Check Full Disk Access

Automata can now export your historical messages and watch responses to your automated messages!

[Optional] Text message forwarding

Automata can send your messages as SMS to recipients who are not using iMessage. To enable this feature, you will need to setup your iPhone by going to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding

See also Apple's official documentation of the feature.

After you have completed this step, you need to turn on SMS sends. On the iMessage Configuration page click on Send SMS and click on Turn On.

Enable SMS

[Optional] Create new chats


This is an experimental feature and bugs are to be expected. Please feel free to report bugs here.

The permissions above only enable us to send messages to existing chats, i.e. users who you have sent messages to before.

If we want to send new messages to new users, we will need 2 additional permissions: Accessibility and System Events. To get started, on the iMessage configuration page, click on Create New Chats and click on Check Permission.

You should receive a prompt for System Events permissions:

System events permissions

Click on OK and you will receive another prompt for Accessibility permissions:

Accessibility permissions

You can't directly grant this permission so click on Open System Settings and you will be taken to the relevant Settings page. Toggle the permission on for AutomataApp:

Accessibility permissions settings page

Once the permissions have been granted, return to the configuration page and click Check Permission one final time and you're done!

One final permission check