Messages are not sent

If messages are not getting sent, Automata might be lacking permissions to send messages. Open System Preferences and do the following:

Grant Automata access to messages
  1. Click on the privacy tab
  2. Click on the Automation tab
  3. If Messages isn't checked under AutomataApp, click on the Lock icon.
  4. Then check Messages under AutomataApp

Create New Chats permissions not set

Create New Chats not set

If you have difficulty setting the Create New Chats permission, even after granting the requested permissions, give this a try:

Open your System Settings. Go to Privacy & Security and look for the Accessibility settings page. Go to Accessibility permissions

In the Accessibility settings page, click on the (-) button and remove Automata to remove Accessibility permissions. Then click on the (+) button, select Automata from your Applications to re-grant Accessibility permissions. Regrant permissions

App can't be opened

The beta app isn't verified (we're working on it!) so you might receive this message when attempting to open the app for the first time:

Opening app is blocked

To get around this issue, simply open Finder and look for AutomataApp in the Applications folder. Once you have found our app, right click or CMD + click on our app, and click Open.

Find Automata in Applications folder

You should now be presented with the same warning but with the open button:

Automata can now be opened