Sharing logs

When encountering issues, sharing logs with Automata's support team could help us diagnose the issues faster. To find the log files for your system, please refer to the instructions below:

  1. MacOS
  2. Windows
  3. Linux


The log files for MacOS are located in the folder ~/Library/Logs/automata-electron/

To access this folder, open Finder and click on Go > Go to Folder

Go to Folder

Enter ~/Library/Logs/automata-electron/

Enter Folder location

You will now be in the logs folder and should find a main.log file. Please share this with the support team.


To access the log files for Windows, open File Explorer and enter %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\automata-electron\logs in the area below:

Enter Folder location


On Linux, the log files are located in ~/.config/automata-electron/logs