Follow Up Boss


This is a premium-only feature. Please subscribe to our premium plan. Contact support if you have issues with your subscription.


  1. Follow Up Boss API Key. Learn how to get your API key here.
  2. Owner of the Follow Up Boss account


Click on Integrations on the navigation bar to go to the integrations page. Then click on Follow Up Boss to expand the settings.

Required fields

Enter your Follow Up Boss API Key and your phone number and click Save. Your phone number will used to log received messages in Follow Up Boss.


The API Key must belong to the Owner of the Follow Up Boss account. If you are not the Owner of your Follow Up Boss account, please contact support and we'll help you get set up.

Sending Messages

To send messages to a contact, write a note in the following format:

## [protocol] [label] [number]

If the message is to a phone number, and was successfully sent, the note will be deleted and replaced with a logged text message.

Example: Required fields


  1. ## - This needs to be at the start of the note to indicate that the message is to be sent by Automata
  2. protocol - This should be iMessage. Once we have WhatsApp and Telegram ready, you can reach out to your customers via WhatsApp/Telegram too, if you have these apps configured in Automata.
  3. label - Optional. Set label to the contact's phone number label (e.g. mobile, home, work, etc) if the contact has multiple phone numbers and you have labeled them.

Set label to email if you want the iMessage to be sent to the contact's email. This only works if the email is associated with an iCloud account (typically if the email is an iCloud email).

If not supplied, the message will be sent to the first number on the contact.

  1. number - Optional. If the contact has multiple phone numbers sharing the same label, or multiple emails, use this to specify which of those numbers/emails to send the message to. If not supplied, the message will be sent to the first number/email belonging to the specified label.

  2. The message. This must be on the next line and can be a multi-line message.

Message Logging

Messages will be logged for all messages sent/received for the following contacts:

  1. Contacts tagged Automata (case sensitive). See Follow Up Boss's instructions for adding tags
  2. Contacts that have been previously messaged using the Automata integration.


  1. If Automata is disconnected/shut off, messages will not be logged. Once Automata is back online, previously sent/received messages will be logged. However, due to limitations with Follow Up Boss, the timestamp on the messages will not be accurate. It is currently not possible to backdate logged messages.
  2. iMessages sent/received to an iCloud email cannot be logged.

Message scheduling

Messages can be scheduled by adding the schedule as a new line at the end of the note. For example:

## iMessage
This is a scheduled message
[[08:00 EST]]

The schedule must be of the following format: [[HH:MM ZZZ]]

  1. HH: Hours in 24-hour format
  2. MM: Minutes
  3. ZZZ: Standardized time zones, e.g. PST, EST, CST. For daylight time zones, only PDT, EDT, CDT, and MDT are supported. If you would like us to add support for a time zone, please contact us.

The message will appear on your app's send queue but will not be sent until the scheduled time is reached.

Send message as another user

If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can send messages on behalf of other users in your organization. Contact support if you'd like to upgrade to the Enterprise plan.

On the Enterprise plan, the default sender is determined as follows:

  1. For notes that are manually created, the sender is the creator of the note.
  2. For notes created through Action Plans, the sender is the creator of the Action Plan.

To override the default sender, simply add the user's name or email to the end of the message like this:

## iMessage
This is a scheduled message sent from John Doe
[[08:00 EST]]
[[John Doe]]

or like this:

## iMessage
This is a scheduled message sent from John Doe
[[08:00 EST]]

The message will get added to John Doe's Automata message queue


  1. The name and email must be the name and email registered with Automata
  2. The user's Automata app must be running on their computer for the messages to be sent