Webhooks allow your server to receive messages received through Automata.

To get started, login to your dashboard and navigate to the Integrations page.

Click on API Integrations to expand the settings. Enter your server's endpoint URL and click on Save.


You must restart your Automata app to load the new setting.

When Automata detects a received message, Automata will POST to your server's endpoint URL a JSON object with the following fields:

  1. type - String. Describes type of data. Only INSERTs for now. Future releases will enable subscription to data UPDATEs
  2. direction - String. Describes direction. inbound for received messages, and outbound for sent messages. Only inbound messages will be logged for now.
  3. date - UTC datetime
  4. guid - String. Apple's internal ID for the message. This ID is universally unique and is Apple's version of UUID.
  5. group - String. Name of group chat.
  6. handle - String. Email or phone number of message sender.
  7. display - String. Display name of message sender.
  8. message - String. Message received. For attachments, the message will be "[Attachment]". Future releases will send the actual attachment.
  9. service - String. Message protocol used.